May event – Porky Pig is on one of our buses!

Our may annual event is now starting! Our citywide famous Porky Pig is now on our buses! The first competition is – Play sherades with Porky! The first person to guess correctly will receive a free Wright Solar model and a free plush toy of Porky! The second one is Draw the best Porky! One of our buses will be transformed to a drawing station, and the most realistic Porky will win a free Porky Pencil! The 3rd contest is… HIT IT BOYS! … Dun dun du du du du dun dun du duuuuuuuuuu! The Porky Fun Fair! Our key amusement to beat is the whack a Baaaaahhhhhy Sheep! Baaaaahhhhhy is our company’s arch nemesis’ mascot. All funds will go straight to the charity of PACT, also Reading Buses’ charity of the year. Thanks for your time! Toodaloo! Okay now, you just stop reading this. Stop reading now!

ArrivaCrossCountry Optare Versa

Arriva has been running CrossCountry ever since re franchising and has also been running buses ever since they started. So what happens if you mix an Arriva Optare Versa with Reading Station and ArrivaCrossCountry? An ArrivaCrossCountry Optare Versa to Reading Station! Here it is:crosscountrybus