Thornthames Buses now doing demonstrators!

If you want a demonstrator, you can now just ask for one and we’ll lend it to ya. We have a variety of buses to demonstrate, most of which will be based on other buses. We will accept any time period up to 6 weeks from the next Monday. Each bus will be delivered on a Sunday evening, and will be taken back half way through for checks. If there is anything wrong with your bus, we will give you another demonstrator. There are many models.


HK Citybus E400


Honk Kong have had these for quite a while now, and this is one of the ONLY HK nets I am doing. Made in 2007, these versatile road workhorses have been made to last. Most commonly on the 6X, this bus is fully equipped for all theĀ  must haves of a HK bus driver, including engine stop, excessive fuel supplies and a strong yet not very fuel consuming engine. This bus is certainly a must have ALL over the world. Anyway, here is the net:

HK Citybus E400