Buses for trade

2 Optare Tempo SRs
1 Scania wright Solar
1 Streetcar
1 Scania wright Solar
2 Wright Streetlites(WF)
1 E400H
4 ALX300s
5 ALX200s

20 thoughts on “Buses for trade”

  1. at the moment i dont think i like the idea of running a company but i dont like doing all the paper work and he bups up nets and liverys i could maybe use for IJ Travel.
    thanks for telling me.

      1. could i have the 3 olympuses, the solo SR, the 4 scania E400’s, 2 darts, 2 ALX200’s, the volvo 7900 and the gemini please?
        my email address is sheldonere[@]hotmail.co.uk

        ( remove the [ ] )

    1. Design’s stayed for 2 years, what buses do you have to trade me? I have a lot as it is.


      With or without adverts?

      *NOTE* Will take probably more than 2 weeks, laptop’s broke so I have to use a MiniMac :S

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