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The Roman Express

The roman express is a service via Durham to an old roman mill which has been knocked down in order to make a new office. The bus is also operated by First, rather than Thornthames Buses. There are only 5 stops to go to because this is an express route. The route is numbered X10 because it is an express, and in total, this is a 2 direction route so in total, northbound and southbound, the bus stops 10 times.


First are expected to get some Scania Omnicitys to partner up with their E400s. They both use Diesel, (no, not the fragrance) like all other conventional buses. They go at a top speed of 70(well, expected), come in 2 types, Based on Omnidekka or its self, have 2 types of gear-box(ZF or Voith) and are very unique.

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Thornthames Buses News 14/02/12

Thornthames buses have ordered a few buses. Our Fleetlist:

  • MAN Ecocity no. 12
  • Wright Solar no. 1
  • Routemaster(Special Occasions) Unidentified
  • Wright Solar no. 2
  • MAN Ecocity no. 10
  • MAN Ecocity no. 11
  • MAN Ecocity no. 13


  • MAN Ecocity no. 14
  • MAN Ecocity no. 15
  • MAN Ecocity no. 16
  • MAN Ecocity no. 17
  • MAN Ecocity no. 18
  • MAN Ecocity no. 19
  • MAN Ecocity no. 20
  • MAN Ecocity no. 21

MAN Ecocity Demonstrator Thornthames Buses

MAN Have recently unveiled the new Ecocity. 4 companys are up for grabs on it: Reading Buses, Stagecoach, Arriva and Thornthames Buses. The expected amount of buses is 20 as it is the main fleeet. The Roman Express(Coming Soon) will be the main servicer. The X10, 5A and 60B are using these buses. They have not been delivered as they are still in their Demonstrator weeks.

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