Copyright issues

It has come to my attention recently that someone has been stealing my Enviro 400 MMC net, and they haven’t been bothered to credit the creator of the net. Now, I can assure you that everything is under control, but I am just letting you know that I do NOT tolerate any theft of my nets, and I’m sure that Martin Rooney would want to be credited too.

Now, regular visitors would have noticed a change in the informative side of my nets, namely the complete redesign and the addition of creative commons protection. This means that my nets are protected and I can call it copyright infringement (I could do that anyway) if I see somebody has stolen any of my nets and merely repainted them. Sorry for the somewhat serious note, production will resume shortly.


Reading Buses 5 and 6 #emerald

rb On May 9th 2015, Reading Buses launched the Emerald buses in Broad Street, Reading. Many showed up for the event inspired by the Wizard of Oz, and were welcomed on board to take a look at the new Enviro 400 MMC buses. Throughout the course of the day, there was singing, music and a little bit of Irish folk songs, as well as Nesquik being right outside the bus handing out free hot chocolate sachets, me taking one (because who wouldn’t). All in all, it was a fun day. Pictured below is E400MMC 767 in Emerald livery with “Charge into town” adverts.


Start of a new era.

So, you’re probably thinking “What does he mean?” Well, I am starting up a new bus company! Every so often, you will see a new bus in a custom livery, and that means more nets. The blog staff try our hardest already, but we’re taking things to the max. Anyway, that’s all for now, so, as they say, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Jim’s Buses contest entry: 3bee

As my 2nd entry for the Jim’s Buses repaint contest, I have decided to do an ADL E300, seeing as ADL are dominant where I live.  It is also the 2nd allowed bus in this contest for the service 3, so, I figured “why not?” So, now, I introduce Bea the 3bee!

ADL Enviro 300 mk2 3bee
ADL Enviro 300 mk2 for’s design-a-livery contest.

Jim’s buses contest entry: 3bee have decided to start a contest for a new route. The only buses you could enter in this contest were Scania Omnicities, ADL e300s or Dennis darts, so, knowing my love for Scanias, I decided to go with the Omnicity. This type is single deck, for, you might have noticed, the other buses are SDs as well. I would like to give credit to James Hallam of JJC paperbuses for some parts off his Omnicity and Peter Fray for the blank net. Anyway, enough jibber jabber, time to show you this net!

Scania Omnicity SD Bees
Scania Omnicity SD for’s design-a-livery contest.

Creative Commons

Due to a reported copyright infringement, we have decided to put creative commons on our nets. This means you may be able to use them, only if you
A) give credit
B) change the net around.
We hope this will be taken as a warning to any copiers. Please note that any copies WILL be frowned upon and possibly removed from a site or the site may be taken down.


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TrentBarton H1 Optare Versa

Recently was the launch of the new H1 buses for TrentBarton. These new buses are modified Optare Versas. They came to replace the ageing Solars, which replaced the tatty and old Excels. This bus was first seen in public on the 9th Jan 2014. It was later seen on the 10th and 11th.

This new workhorse has a lot to go through. From hills, to high speeds, to sluggish speeds, to rapid stop-starts. Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the net: Image